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Google AdWords Exams are Constantly Evolving… and so Should Your PPC Instruction

The brainchild of Stephan Becker ­— a seasoned Internet Marketer and CEO of My Internet Marketing, a Digital Marketing Agency based in Canada — PPC University provides newcomers and experienced PPC strategists a fresh learning approach to preparing for Google AdWords Exams.

As an officially certified Google Partner Agency, we build curriculum tailor-made for your success in all six Google AdWords Exams.

How It All Started

In 2008, Stephan began developing internal AdWords training programs. The objectives of these programs were to teach agency staff AdWords basics, how to use AdWords effectively, and how to prepare for the official Google AdWords certification exams.

Over time, these approaches laid the groundwork for what would eventually become the master plan for PPC University’s unique style of instruction.

Positioning You for AdWords Success

Continuously tweaking knobs and turning the levers of PCC education, we calibrate learning solutions to meet the evolving needs of PPC Professionals. Moreover, with our focus on trial and success, we pinpoint learning solutions poised for your AdWords advancement.

Our Approach to PPC Learning

  • We improve upon successful models of learning and toss out outdated approaches.
  • Our PPC Experts periodically review and update our online course material.
  • We listen and engage with PPC learners to understand their needs.
At PPC University, we want you to enjoy PPC learning just like we have for the last 9 years — and we know that — with the right approach, you will.