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Why Choose PPC University?

Expert Validate

PPC University is the brainchild of an officially certified Google Partner agency This is simply to say: “We practice what we teach, every day.”

Advance Course Technology

Our Prep exam courses are dynamic, engaging, and offer the latest e-learning technology features.

Superior Course Success Rates

Our courses mimic Google’s own certification exams ‘to a T’: If you succeed here, you will find Google exams to be a breeze.

Happy Milestones

We are proud to offer the most advanced PPC Certification prep exams money can buy
… at the cost of two Café lattes per week!

Active Quiz Questions

Quizzes are updated on a regular basis by our PPC specialists and reflect an almost identical image of real-life Google Certification Exams

Active Courses

PPC University covers all six Google Certification Exams. We also offer preparation exams to successfully pass the Google Analytics Exams.

Quiz Topics Covered

Exam questions are organized in specific topics. This allows us to assess your weaknesses and strengths for each topic and better guide your study efforts.