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Marketing Trainee Program
For Businesses

Hire a Google Certified
Digital Marketing Trainee

Why pay high monthly agency fees when you can have access
to a Google Certified Marketing Trainee for a fraction of the cost?

What Is It?

The Marketing Trainee Program matches eligible businesses with freshly accredited and Google Certified digital marketing trainees so they can apply their newly gained PPC marketing skills while working with real clients and real ad budgets to achieve real results.

How Does The

Application Process Work?


Businesses must apply to be accepted into the “Marketing Trainees for Businesses” program and will receive information about the outcome of the application process.


Upon acceptance into the program, businesses must sign a Release Of Liability Agreement.

Duration and Membership

The minimum duration of the program is three (3) months. Program monthly membership fees are $47/month, payable to PPC University via automatic debit. Google Ads budgets are not included in the membership fees. Businesses must pay the Google Ads budgets directly to Google. Program membership fees are non-refundable.

Selection Process and Duration

Upon reception of program fees, businesses will be able to select a marketing trainee of their choice. Upon selection, businesses will sign a Terms Of Service (TOS) Agreement presented by the trainee.

Marketing Trainee Remuneration

Businesses are required to pay a monthly service fee of $247/month to the marketing trainee for services rendered. Monthly fees payable to marketing trainees are payable prior to the beginning of each monthly service period.

End or Extend

Once the 3-month program period concludes, businesses are encouraged to hire the marketing trainee for a monthly fee that is agreed upon between the business and the marketing trainee (for reference, see below)*.

*For reference, digital marketing agencies charge PPC campaign management fees between 10% and 15% of the monthly Google Ads budget.

Monthly minimum fees are typically no less than $500/month and up to $5,000/month or more (US and EU).

Why Work With Digital Marketing Trainees?

Google Certified

96.3% of PPC University marketing trainees pass Google exams at their first attempt. To be accepted in the Marketing Trainee Program, students must successfully complete three (3) out of five (5) Google Ads Certificates with an average grade of 90% or higher.


“Aim for perfection if you want to get a chance to reach excellence.”* Marketing trainees excel in the following areas: PPC campaign setup and management, performance reporting, conversion optimization, landing page optimization, and much more.

*Vince Lombardi, American Football Coach legend


Marketing Trainees have access to a PPC peer community. Trainees also have direct access to Google’s in-house campaign management support team. This is to say that if questions arise or support is required, marketing trainees know where to get help.