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How To Get Google AdWords Certification? There Is One CRAZY Idea…

State-Of-The-Art Exam Preparation

Composed of questions that have been adapted from official Google AdWords exam answers, our Google AdWords certification courses have been designed to accomplish one simple goal : getting you officially AdWords certified while spending minimum amount of time and minimum effort, made possible through state-of-the-art educational design.

  1. For PPC Professionals and Digital Marketing Agencies, this FREE trial will demonstrate how we achieve an average success rate of 96.3% for passing  AdWords certification exams upon first-attempt.
  2. For Marketing Graduates and those considering a New Career Path in Digital Marketing, this trial will show you how practice testing educates you about AdWords while simultaneously getting you officially AdWords certified!


The traditional approach to learning, where students listen to boring in-class presentations and devour mega-volumes of textbooks SIMPLY DOES NOT WORK! This outdated, time-consuming model of learning is ineffective, and it’s time for a change of pace.

In 2013, a team of cognitive and educational psychologists demonstrated in a scientific study that engaging in practice testing from the start improves the learning process: “The most effective study techniques across a range of learning conditions were practice testing (with feedback) and distributed practice.”

To learn more about the results of this study, click here (https://www.ernweb.com/educational-research-articles/learning-techniques-effective-study/).


This is why PPC University offers practice testing that serve both the experienced PPC professionals and novice digital marketing students with a two-fold objective:

  • Experienced PPC professionals can run through our AdWords exam practice courses to refresh their existing knowledge while getting acquainted with new exam question styles and answer formats. Thus, this allows PPC specialists to successfully complete their annual AdWords certification fast.
  • Novice PPC students are given the opportunity to complete the same final exam questions with the objective to “focus on what’s most important first”. By doing so, beginners can quickly familiarize themselves with the most important concepts and terminology. Naturally, at first, final exam questions can prove difficult for a novice to answer, but each practice exam question is paired with incredibly detailed feedback and links for further reading. We call this the “Bottom-up” approach to learning a new skill.


In the traditional “Top-down” learning approach, devouring text books for weeks or possibly months is an inescapable fact of life. Comparatively, our “Bottom-up” approach allows you to dive deep in the text when YOU need to and at your discretion. With this approach, you can practice more (the final exam questions) and study less (the huge text books and in-class presentations).


In our pursuit of further improving memory retention, PPC University introduces “mnemonic” questions and answers in practice exams. Our mnemonic Q&As use humor to increase memory retention. This makes learning AdWords more fun — while, at the same time, boosting success rates in final exams.

Course Syllabus

This module will help you understand and test your knowledge in the following topics:

  • Consumer behavior and the impact of search
  • Search advertising trends and opportunities
  • How search advertising can fulfill client objectives

This module will help you understand and test your knowledge in the following topics:

  • About AdWords campaign types
  • About Shopping campaigns and Shopping ads
  • About Dynamic Search Ads
  • About your account organization
  • Choose an ad format
  • About text ads
  • About mobile ads
  • About ad customizers
  • What makes up a Product Shopping ad
  • Write successful text ads
  • About keyword insertion
  • Understanding landing page experience

This module will help you understand and test your knowledge in the following topics:

  • About keyword matching options
  • About negative keywords
  • How similar keywords match to search terms
  • Basic tips for building a keyword list
  • About language targeting
  • Target ads to geographic locations
  • Understanding advanced location options

  • Determine a bid strategy based on your goals
  • About Manual CPC bidding
  • About Enhanced CPC (ECPC)
  • About bid adjustments
  • About automated bidding
  • About Maximize clicks bidding
  • About Target search page location bidding
  • About Target CPA bidding
  • About Target outranking share bidding
  • About Target ROAS bidding
  • Set a budget for your campaign
  • Why costs might exceed your average daily budget
  • Avoid a depleted daily budget

  • About ad scheduling
  • About ad delivery
  • Using ad rotation and frequency capping
  • About the different types of URLs
  • About tracking in AdWords
  • About conversion tracking
  • About cross-account conversion tracking
  • About remarketing lists for search ads
  • Setting up automated rules
  • Bulk edits: Definition
  • Make changes with bulk uploads
  • Using scripts to make automated changes
  • Tools for advertisers with multiple or large accounts
  • About Keyword Planner
  • Estimate your results with bid simulators
  • Improve your account with Opportunities
  • Create an AdWords manager account
  • About AdWords Editor
  • AdWords Application Programming Interface (API)

  • Finding Actionable Insights through AdWords Reporting: Google Best Practices
  • Evaluating ad performance on the search network
  • Click: Definition
  • Impressions: Definition
  • About “All conversions”
  • Conversion rate: Definition
  • About impression share
  • About return on investment (ROI)

  • Use segments in your tables
  • Understanding the search terms report
  • Measuring paid & organic search results
  • Using auction insights to compare performance
  • About attribution reports

  • Create Effective Text Ads: Google Best Practices
  • Choosing the Right Keywords: Google Best Practices
  • A Guide to Bid Adjustments: Google Best Practices
  • Automating Your Bidding Strategy: Google Best Practices
  • Adjusting Bids to Maximize Profits: Google Best Practices
  • Optimize for Cross-Device Conversions: Google Best Practices
  • About Campaign Experiments

Key Features

Enrolling in PPC University exam preparation course assures you a cutting-edge learning experience:

We structure each AdWords exam practice topic and question bank to match Google’s own syllabus. This gives you the chance to work alongside official Google study guides.

PPC University regularly updates question banks, answer choices, and interactive feedback. You can rest assured that you’re reviewing in the best way possible.

To help you become familiar with the official AdWords exams, PPC University’s own final mock exams closely mimics the look and feel of the official AdWords exams.  From question presentation down to difficulty level, enrolling in our practice courses will give you an accurate simulation of the official AdWords exams.

PPC University provides clear and concise feedback to students. Plus, it also incorporates links to study materials from external authoritative references (Google itself included) to further clarify the answer.

The PPC University interactive grading system evaluates your progress not only on course level, but also for each course topic and provides you with a clear review of what areas need improvement.

Practice Exam Questions and Quizzes

As soon as you enroll in any of our exam preparation courses, you’ll gain unlimited access to all possible exam questions, including  multiple-choice and true/false answer selections. You also have access to final mock exams  that test your knowledge in each of the original AdWords topics covered in Google’s official exams. You may want to answer practice exam questions over and over again, until you know them by heart.

Also, this course offers a dynamic and detailed feedback system which allows you to track which areas need more improvement. After answering each question, you will be presented with the correct answer instantly and an accompanying explanation.

For further reading, access to official Google Study Guides and other related references are also included. This allows you to have an in-depth understanding of each question’s core concepts.

With this training structure, you’re offered the opportunity to feel confident about mastering any official Google AdWords exam.

Comprehensive Final Mock Exam

To thoroughly test all that you’ve learned, a final mock exam is made available to you. The final mock exam mimics Google AdWords exams to a T. This gives you the chance to estimate how well you’d do at the official Google AdWords exam:

Depending on the exam, Google AdWords exams provide from 90 to 120 minutes to complete the entire exam. The same is the case for PPC University’s timed final mock exams.

Official Google AdWords exams display slides with 80 to 120 questions one by one. The same is the case for PPC University’s final mock exams.

In Google AdWords exams it is not possible to skip questions or go back to previous questions. The same is the case for PPC University’s final mock exams.

In official Google AdWords exams, you’ll have to get a grade of at least 80% to pass (that’s generally considered a B minus or B-). In the PPC University final mock exams, we recommend you get a score of 87% or higher (generally considered a B plus or B+) before setting out to take any of the official Google exams. This is to account for exam stress which may lower your score.

In case you don’t succeed any of Google’s official AdWords exams you’d have to wait a minimum of 7 calendar days before you take the exam again.  You can immediately retake final mock exams with PPC University.

Impressive Question Bank

PPC University’s AdWords exam practice courses feature over 50 topic-level quizzes with over  2000 questions and 8000+ multiple-choice and true/false answer selections.

The multiple-choice and true/false questions and answer selections have been written to mimic the style, difficulty and format of the official AdWords exams as closely as possible.

The structure of the question bank precisely matches Google’s AdWords exam study guides giving students access to Google-approved learning guides.

Course Benefits

Superior Success Rates

96.3% of all PPC University students that completed all exam prep questions and passed the comprehensive final mock exam also passed their Google AdWords exam on their first attempt.

Up-to-Date Exam Material

PPC University regularly updates question banks, answer choices, and interactive feedback. You can rest assured that you’re reviewing the material in the most optimal format possible.

Concise Answer Explanations

PPC University provides clear and concise feedback to students. Plus, it also incorporates links to study materials from external authoritative references (Google itself included) to further clarify an answer.

Parallel Curriculums

We structured the practice topics and question bank to match Google’s own syllabus. This provides you the opportunity to work alongside official Google study guides.

See what former studens have to say

"PPC University not only allowed me to successfully pass official Google AdWords Certifications with great ease, but I was also able to improve my knowledge based on the incredibly detailed answer feedbacks and the links for further reading that are provided for each exam question. The end result is a dream come true: I was recently hired by Shopify to be part of their PPC & SEO team!"
Andrès Galvis, Shopify.com PPC & SEO team, Toronto

"...I found that none of the other options out there are as detailed and as thoroughly thought through as PPC University's preparation exams... I've even come across a few online sources that provide outright false answers to AdWords exam questions!"
Alexander Boulanger, PPC Consultant, San Francisco

"It took me over 6 months of intense studying, reading, and doing "trial campaigns" on my own with AdWords in preparation of my first two Google exams (AdWords Fundamentals and Search) — and I did not pass at my first attempt! PPC University cut that time down to two months only — and I passed both!"
Sandra Tariob, Business School Graduate, Montreal

Course Features

Simply The Best Google AdWords Certification Courses Money Can Buy

Up-to-Date Course Material, Syllabus Matching, Instant Feedbacks, Huge Time Savor, Affordable.