In this livestream, Stef demonstrates how to use DISCORD as a bookmarking tool on steroids.



Hello, friends. Steph here from PPC University, the place where total beginners become Google certified digital marketers and find clients in a matter of weeks. Okay, that being out of our way. Today, I wanted to come online very quickly to show you how I use Discord as I call it bookmarking tool on steroids. I very often come across worthy information on BBC, on CNN or on YouTube, or when browsing the Web.

Anything that's relating to my business as a digital marketer. Very often I find it interesting and I tell myself, hey, this is something you really need to read. You really need to watch on YouTube, but right now I don't have the time. So what do you do? We all know bookmarking doesn't work because if you are like me, then you have a bookmarking list of over 1000 BOOKMARKS that you don't know how to get back into.

You never find the information that you're really looking for. So I was sitting down with myself one day, and we are using Discord already as a team communication tool between me and my team and my team is spread all over the world. My web developers are in Nepal, my content marketers are in the Philippines, my marketing team is in the Philippines. I've got a content manager in France. Anyway, they're everywhere. We all get together every morning on Discord.

I do a different video for how we use or how I use Discord as a team management system communication system. And believe me, it's absolutely crazy. It completely replaced Slack for us. Anyway, today, that's not the purpose. I want to show you how I use Discord as a bookmarking tool on steroids.

And today we will use three elements to demonstrate that to you we will use obviously. Sorry, we will use our My PC so here I am on YouTube and we will also use my phone because obviously it needs to be interoperable. It needs to work between the phone and the PC. If we want to bookmark something and find it easily thereafter, let's do a demo.

Discord demo

These days what I've been looking at is I've been looking for information a little earlier was comparing Discord versus Slack. That's interesting. Anyway, these days I'm looking for livestream tech tools related to the broadcasting software I'm using to do this live stream and I am using the ATEM Mini Extreme. So let's make a quick search for the ATEM Mini Pro Extreme setup. Why not?

Okay, going to this. This is a video I think I've seen already in the past, but let me switch this quickly back so that you can actually see what I am doing. Here is my screen view on my PC. So I was on YouTube and I was searching for ATEM Mini Pro Extreme, the setup.

I click on this, I view it and I find it interesting. We don't need to watch this video for now. For the demonstration purpose. We just want to share this.

Okay. The way I do it, I have set up Discord in such a way that I can share anything that I find of interest to.

So I find this shareworthy. And so from the PC, what I would need to do is I copy this link to this video and I go to my discord settings. So this is my discord on my PC. This is my channel that I have set up here. So just to make it very simple for you, this looks like a big interface.

Complex, et cetera. It is not. It's very easy to install. It's done in two minutes. And you will master managing how to work around all these channels and how to set them up in no time.

Believe me, this is not rocket science at all. Basically what I've done for those of you who know Discord already. You create here different rooms for different types of communication that you want to set up that you need here. This is my GMI room. GMI is the name of my agency, my digital marketing agency, Groupe Marketing Internet. This is for my agency clients where I only meet with them in this room. And this is my private room, my private server. All these are called servers, but it's like a room. So this is my private room.

And you see here, I have set up a lot of different sub channels in my room, and I've named them in a certain way. They all start with notes because I use this channel only to take notes for myself and put my bookmarks in there. Okay. So, for example, for my stream tech channel, you find only information related to what I like to watch in terms of streaming technology, streaming tech. So everything is in there.

Now we wanted to share something we just saw on the internet on our YouTube. You remember, I copied the link. I go to my discord, I'm in the channel and I push this here. Boom. I've got it saved.

Okay. And it's now always available in this specific category. If I wanted to, I could also edit this and add what's usually in sharing software, which is a bookmarking software. You add Tags so keywords that relate to the content of what you want to share. So in this case, it could be simply ATEM.

It could be set up. It could be the name of the person who is doing this. I don't remember his name, but he's awesome. Really. For streaming software, set up and everything, you see how it goes.

So you add all these up, because that's how you will find this information later on. You always need to tag something if it's not already there. But the beauty of this quote is that it pulls the information from YouTube or from the website that you used. And some information already comes with the image. So the image comes with it as well.

So that's really why I call it a bookmarking tool on Steroids. So basically, I have saved them now and now let's switch over very quickly to my phone.

Discord mobile app demo

Let's open Discord here. Okay. I have discord here as an app. I open my discord stream tag and boom, here it is. So I have it here already.

It's already visible to me. And if you want, I can even share this screen only so that you can see this screen here. Just the screen. Basically. Now let's say this is how I save from the PC to mobile or from PC to PC.

And then it's accessible on mobile as well.

Discord search function

But obviously, once you have downloaded or saved a lot of these notes in your discord, you would need to find this information as well. Right. So the way you do this is you go, you open it here, you have a search function. And let's say that I'm now looking for now let's do a different type of search.

Let's go out of the stream tag that we were just saving. And let's see I'm looking for something that I know that I have bookmarked in the past and I was interested. I remember in the keto diet, you remember. So let's see if we can find it, boom. Here we go.

You see how I now use this Discord to find the information that's relevant to me, but that I have saved long time ago. But I have all the information to keto exercises, keto, muscle building, keto diets, and everything that I have saved in the past is accessible to me. So as you can see, this is quite powerful now, because on my mobile device, I have everything accessible. What I also have on my PC. Now it goes also the other way around.

And that's what was important to me. I mean, by that most of the time, I don't spend my time in front of the PC. Well, yes, because I'm doing digital marketing. So a lot of time on my PC, but in my free time or a lot of you guys, anyone, we pass most of our times with these little devices with the mobile device. So let me show you now how I do the same search.

Let's say on a website and save that to discord, and it goes even faster. Let me show you. So here on my phone, let's go to Google. Okay. I was looking for an office chair today.

Actually, this one I really like the Orange one. I like Orange. And the beauty of life is that while you're live, somebody is calling me in the home. So just pick that up. Very quickly.

Hello. Brilliant. But I'm live. I'll be with you soon. Love you. Bye. So that's my beautiful wife telling me that the dinner is ready soon.

Anyway, let me switch to this camera view that you can actually see what I'm doing a little bit better.

Saving links from Google Chrome to Discord

So here we go. And I want to save this, right? I want to save this because this chair don't want to lose sight of it. So what I'm doing like where you do it?

You go into the menu on your Chrome and you see the share here. Let me pull out my little let me show you what I use here is quite sophisticated stuff. It's like the Samsung Note 25G ultra, so I like playing around with advanced stuff. So anyway, I have this little stick to write on my screens and everything and I can also obviously navigate. So on my share because I'm sharing often with Discord.

Discord automatically appears already, but I could have found it in the share menu here more and I have it here in the first position. You may have it a little bit further down. I can show you at some point in time how to actually make it appear in the first spot. So now I go to Discord and again, I want to share this somehow. It's already here in the message preview, but I still need to decide where I want to share it.

Okay. Here in the channel preview. And now select let's say, well, a chair. I wouldn't really put it into my live stream tech channel, not in my yoga channel, not in my house channel. Let me see where I could put.

Well, I would probably not know where to put it, so I would probably put it. First of all, it needs to be somewhere in my notes channels and in my notes channels. Oh, look at that. I have got miscellaneous. I would probably put it here.

Boom, saved. So I've got my chair here. And whenever I want to use or find this chair again, remember that what you see here at the bottom. You already have text and it says somewhere chair adjustable et cetera. If I am looking for this message down the road like a month from now, a week from now, six months from now.

Because I remember this chair, I would never find it in my usual Chrome bookmark folder unless I have tagged it correctly here. It's much easier on discord because on top of it, it's already in a channel that I know where I may find it, which is here. Miscellaneous. Obviously other channels would be more appropriate. So I have set up different channels.

As you can see here, let me share the screen again.

This was when we went on a trip. The first one here. Then I have Sadashiva, which is a website that I'm maintaining to help people control their mind. It's about yoga and meditation. I have notes for marketing.

I have notes for Facebook. I have notes for my habits, how to change habits, which I find very important to learn if you're running an online business because you have a lot of procrastination sometimes and you're not productive enough or whatever. It's about habits. So you see, I have all these different channels here set up that are organized like a category in a bookmark folder, but they're much easier to share, too, as you see now, because whenever I am somewhere anywhere on the web, YouTube, for example, I can very simply, this is yoga stuff and tennis stuff.

And I don't know what this is. Surf training in paradise. This is stupid stuff on. There's a lot of stupid stuff on the Internet anyway, so whenever I am there, I just like, let's go to Sri M, which is absolutely fabulous for Kriya yoga. I'm investigating that these days you have these share buttons again. You see here I'm clicking on Share.

I'm looking for my Discord. That should be somewhere in my list. Here it is. You see here. Click on it again.

I select. Let's say select channel. I'm looking which channel I know. I have a yoga channel here. Notes, yoga, share it to my yoga channel.

And boom, here it is. Okay. When it starts, it continues to play because I have YouTube premium, and that's how it works with YouTube for me. How would I actually leave it? Here we go.

And you see here. Oh, wait a minute.

This didn't share to it. No, it didn't share. Let's do this again. This was odd. What was happening here just to make sure let me do this again.

Let me share this one. I'm sharing it to discord. So sometimes you have to look it up because YouTube doesn't allow you to. Here we go. So yoga sharing it to notes in Yoga and this message preview.

And I could even add text like, I know this is Kriya yoga. Whatever. And the person is called Sri M. I would call it like this. And here we go.

This should now share. And here it is. Okay. Good. So that's what I wanted to show you today.

This was a very long one. I think I want to have this much shorter, but I want to make sure that you understand that you see, actually that discord, Besides being incredibly effective for managing my team in my agency when I talk to my people wherever they are. Nepal, Philippines, France, Canada, US. We come together every morning here in this screen here, and this is my agency thing. And here we have our meeting rooms and we go live with video right every morning.

But this will be a topic for another time. I will share this with you today. I just wanted to show you that Discord, besides, the replacement of Slack for us, and it's completely free on top of it because slack is quite expensive. I also use it as a bookmarking tool for a simple reason.


I try to get as productive as possible throughout my day, and if I concentrate everything I do around the least number of tools possible, the better it is. If I need to use 1000 apps each has a specific function, I will go crazy. I try to concentrate on a few tools to optimize them as much as I can, because that allows me to optimize my time. Okay. I hope this was informative.

I hope you like this video. Please. Like the YouTube channel. You're watching this on or the Facebook channel page. You're watching this on or the Twitter page you're watching this on because this is streamed live on six channels right now, and I can show you how to do that another time as well with my equipment here.

But for now, let's leave it at that. I thank you very much for watching and I talk to you soon.

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