TidyCal is a new booking app that takes all the hassle out of scheduling meetings. It’s so easy! Check it out and see if you like it better than Calendly. And the best is: It’s available as a Lifetime Deal at 19$ only (limited time).




Stef here from PPC University, the place where people maybe like you can become Google Certified digital marketers and find new clients in a matter of weeks or months instead of years as it has happened for me when I started out some ten years ago. Anyway, this is a very quick live stream just to talk about a new tool that I came across recently, and that may be of interest to some of you, and especially if you are in a situation like I am with agency clients needing to make appointments with you.

Or maybe you are offering online courses and have students for which you need to schedule one-on-one or you have master class that needs to be organized. Or you are a coach and need to organize meetings, schedule meetings with clients.

Whenever you need a tool to organize meetings via a calendar, you need something called a meeting scheduler, right? Most of you or some of you at least are familiar with a tool called Calendly. But Calendly is not the only tool out there. There are several other good tools or more or less good tools out there, but I wanted to show you today a tool that I came across on AppSumo. It's called TidyCal, and it is in its early phase of development.

About Appsumo platform

Let's be honest. So it doesn't have all the features yet that you may expect of such a tool if you are familiar with Calendly already. That being said, a tool such as this coming out of the Appsumo platform is promising in a way that it is built and developed and ongoing development by a team which is fairly well used to produce quality tools and what's special or what's specific with AppSumo, obviously, for those who don't know AppSumo yet, well, AppSumo is a marketplace with digital marketing tools for online entrepreneurs.

So they really specialize in that field of what's called SaaS, software-as-a-service. And the specialty is that they offer services as lifetime deals.

So not only does AppSumo develop its own tools as lifetime deals, meaning you pay once and then it will be free with that feature set that was available when you purchased it. But they also offer a variety, a great variety, actually of other tools of other companies that are selling or offering rather, their new tools through the AppSumo platform. And TidyCal, let me quickly show you, by the way, the link that I created for you so that you can find it a little bit more easier.

TidyCal overview

I show it on my screen here, you can see it if I switch around to my screen. Here we go.

And you can find it also with this link that I created for you guys. https://go.ppc.university/tidycal, so to be very honest with you, this is an affiliate link. That means if you use this link, we will get paid a percentage on this small sale $19 Lifetime deal. So that's why I wanted to present it.

It's very cheap, actually, but with some very good features already. And just so you know, whatever affiliate funds are coming into PPC University, we actually use those funds to help some of the less fortunate students to have access to our digital marketing courses. So it's put in a fund. And then if students from third world countries who can demonstrate that they have a fairly low income or are in a punch and need to go move forward, we will have a fund to have those students have access to our digital marketing course, get Google certified on PPC University as well.

So that's what this money is used for.

It's not to get rich, obviously. So anyway, let me show you my screen again. And let's dive into this tool a little bit. By the way, the link that I showed you earlier here this again, https://go.ppc.university/tidycal

I will add that to the video that you're watching right now, either on Facebook or on YouTube because we are streaming live to several channels while I'm speaking here. So let me show you the tool. When you log into this tool for the first time, this is what you see. So you're presented with several booking types as TidyCal them basically 15 minutes meeting, 30 minutes meetings, 60 minutes meetings. And you can create as many booking types as you want.

And what's nice with this is that when you create a new booking type, you call it the way you want to call it. So maybe you have specific booking bookings to do for specific events, in which case the event name goes here. You see, I created our Tidycal.com link with the slug stef. So this is something obviously you will be able to personalize with your name or the name of your company. You can put your event description here.

Meeting padding feature

Here is where we determine how long this event should be and the minimum padding. Just to understand if, for example, let's say you have a meeting set up here. From that you're available, let's say between eight and 05:00 p.m. And the meeting duration is 15 minutes.

Let's say somebody books a meeting at 8:15. It's over. You don't want to jump right into another into a new meeting. So it means that it gives you some slack between meetings. This is what this is for. You can set it whatever you want. You can put it on 30 minutes or an hour, whatever you'd like.

In terms of a pause between meetings can be configured here. So long story short with this possibility here in terms of the time frames that you can add on each for each day and the padding, you have any possibility to schedule meetings only at those times where you are really available or want to meet people. That's basically what you should retain from this if we go back to the booking types that we had a little bit earlier. So here you set them up and whatever is toggled on here will appear on the bookings page, which you will share with your clients or with your students.

So let's say I only want to run 30 minutes bookings.

Okay, I put those off for now. I go to the bookings page to show you what this means. Basically, this is what you can book with me 30 minutes meeting, and you see it here in the URL that this is my booking calendar and it can become figured as I want in terms of the types of meeting I want to put on there. So that's basically it if I have a look into, let me see if I can find a few more settings here.

Pre-booking form

Yes, this is what I wanted to show you. You can also for a person to be able to book with you. You can ask questions that they need to fill out. They need to answer those questions. I have just set up two just for demonstration purposes.

For example, here, I'd love to learn more about your goals for this meeting. What do you mind sharing? So in other words, you want to be able to prepare yourself for this meeting. It's a good idea to know what that person is actually looking for in terms of if it's a Q and A in terms of the questions they would likely be presenting to you. Or you can also use the questions, for example, as I did here to filter people whether or not you will be actually accepting this meeting request, or if you will kindly with a nice reply, refuse to meet because here, for example, I tell people my students this meeting schedule is for PPC University masterclass students only, because, for example, if I have a master class Q&A and I offered to students the possibility to meet up with me.

This is where I would filter people not to not want to answer them the questions that they may have, but maybe to orient them also to a different booking calendar, because I can, as you see, with the bookings that I have the booking types, for example, this 50-minute meeting, I could organize those for all my free live streams, if that's what I want to do. And I would reserve the 30 minutes meetings only for paying members for those who pay monthly membership and still another type of meeting for, let's say, agency clients that want to read with me.

So it makes it pretty straightforward to organize your bookings your meetings, let's rather say. And it is, as you may have understood by now, quote a competitor to Calendly, which is I'm going to be very honest with you, way more advanced in terms of possibilities in terms of integrations and also kind of the features. But for somebody like those of you who are just starting out, you are a one-man show. You're launching your online business. You're offering your first courses. You are kickstarting your first agency. And why not? After having taken a course with us at PPC University and becoming Google certified in a matter of a few hours, which is really what happens then you may need these kinds of tools.

Okay, you may need something to organize your calendars. So long story short, that's it for today. That was our my tool alert for today. I'll be back quite often with tools like this. So stay tuned and sign up to this Facebook page or YouTube channel.

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Thank you very much for watching. I see you soon for another livestream, if that is what you would be looking for. Have a great day.

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