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Stef decides to launch the online course platform My Lifestyle Business (https://mylifestyle.business) with the purpose of helping online course creators, coaches, and digital marketers build and scale their new or existing online business. Comprising 40+ hours of videos, Facebook groups, and live broadcast sessions, My Lifestyle Business envisions to help students build their online business from the ground up and scale it up to a 6-figure business.


In 2024, Stef launches Purpose Intelligence, a coaching program that helps teams, leaders, and individuals bring more purpose to life and work. Rooted in science, Purpose Intelligence combines emotional intelligence with mindfulness practice and the Enneagram, a tool used by HR departments across the globe for personal development and increasing performance.


Stef launches PPC University (https://ppc.university) an online course platform dedicated to helping people fast-track their careers as Google Certified Digital Marketers. The platform offers the full range of Google Ads exam preparation courses and helps its students to kick-start their careers as digital marketers, helping them break free from the shackles of employment, become their own boss, and work from home.


Stef establishes the boutique agency My Internet Marketing. He re-invents the agency business by working exclusively with remote teams while keeping project management in-house to maintain direct contact with clients. He kick-starts his agency by offering Google Ads PPC services but quickly expands offerings to search engine optimization, content marketing, and social media marketing after clients fall in love with his talents.


Inspired by a spiraling environmental crisis, Stef obtains a degree in Environmental Sciences at McGill University. He travels to the Philippines to volunteer for UK-based Coral Cay Conservation as an Expedition Leader. Upon his return to Montreal, he decides to develop online courses to teach the beauty and intricacies of the coral reef ecosystem to local dive centers across the Caribbean. Club Mediterranee asks Stef to teach applied coral reef biology to its Caribbean resorts diving staff and to establish a program of guided underwater tours.


For the first time in his life, Stef loses his job and he says to himself: "Never again will someone else decide over my professional future." The day Stef leaves the office, he decides it was time to become his own boss.


Stef decides to write a new chapter in his life and emigrate to Canada. He lands a job in Montreal as the Director of Communications for a SAAS company that's setting out to revolutionize the nascent World Wide Web with the first interactive chatbots powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing.


Stef completes his Master's degree in Multimedia-Hypermedia at the National School of Fine Arts in Paris. He co-produces "Music Strolls", an educational CD-ROM explaining the history of classical music. Music Strolls wins several international awards and is subsequently added to the official collection of the National Museum of Education of France.


Stef Becker starts his marketing career by obtaining his bachelor's degree in Marketing from the FH München University. Finishing his studies with distinction he's snatched by French ad agency behemoth Publicis Conseil as a client account manager.