Google Ads Certified Digital Marketer (bundle of all 5 exam prep courses) 

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What you get?

The Google Certified Digital Marketer program has been designed with one simple goal in mind: to help you learn the ropes of digital PPC marketing while preparing you for the successful completion of six official Google certifications at the same time. The completion of the Google Certified Digital Marketer program leads to the official  Google Certified Specialist status and represents the ideal solution for people wanting to kickstart a career in digital marketing, freelance, or become their own boss as a digital marketer working from home.


  • A bundle of five (5) Google Certification courses – representing a value of $235 USD per month:

1. Google Search Advertising Certification Course

2. Google Display Advertising Certification Course

3. Google Video Advertising Certification Course

4. Google Shopping Advertising Certification Course

5. Google Ads Measurement Certification Course

Each certification course takes complete beginners with no previous knowledge between 15h to 20h to complete, including the time required to pass official Google certification!

This means that the entire program of 5 Google certification courses can be completed in under 2 weeks (full time) or in 4 weeks (half-time).

Key Features

Enrolling in the Google Certified Digital Marketer program assures you a cutting-edge learning experience:

Parallel Curriculums

To help you advance your digital PPC marketing skills, we structured all exam practice topics and questions to match Google’s own syllabus. This gives you the chance to work alongside official Google study guides.

Up-to-Date Exam Material

PPC University regularly updates question banks, answer choices, and interactive feedback. You can rest assured that you’re reviewing in the best way possible.

Identical Exam Format and Difficulty Level

To help you become familiar with the official Google certification exams, Google Certified Digital Marketer certification mock exams closely mimic the look and feel of the original Google exams.  From question presentation down to difficulty level, enrolling in the Google Certified Digital Marketer program will teach you the ropes of digital PPC marketing and give you an accurate simulation of the Google Ads certification exams.

Concise Answer Explanations

PPC University provides clear and concise feedback to students. Plus, it also incorporates links to study materials from external authoritative references (Google itself included) to further clarify the answer.

Interactive Grade book

The PPC University interactive grading system evaluates your progress not only on course level, but also for each course topic and provides you with a clear review of what areas need improvement.

Good to Know: This Digital Marketing course is based on the official Google Ads certification program and helps you become Google certified in all five (5) areas of digital PPC marketing. A private Facebook group is part of the program. We call it the  "Google Certified Digital Marketer" course program. This program has been designed for PPC marketing beginners who want to learn the ropes of PPC digital marketing while preparing you for the successful completion of all five (5) Google Ads certification exams at the same time: Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Video Advertising, Shopping Advertising (eCommerce), and Ads Measurement. By completing the Google Certified Digital Marketer program, you will be prepared to pass the official Google examination with flying colors. This exam preparation and certification program serves as an ideal solution for people who want to switch career, become their own boss, have a second source of income or be able to build and scale their own digital marketing business working from home.

PPC University uses practice testing to help you learn the ropes of digital PPC marketing while preparing you for the successful completion of Google Ads exams at the same time. Practice testing is by far the most effective teaching technique compared to any traditional learning method.

Click on any of the three buttons below to access new information about practice testing from cognitive and educational scientists:

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Practice Exam Questions and Quizzes

Unlimited Access to All Questions

As soon as you enroll in Google Certified Digital Marketer program, you’ll gain unlimited access to all certification course exam questions including 4000+ multiple-choice answer selections. You also have access to comprehensive quizzes that test your knowledge in each of the topics covered in Google’s Ads exams. You may want to answer exam questions over and over again, until you know them by heart.

Interactive Feedback

PPC University certification courses offer dynamic and detailed feedback systems which allow you to track which areas need more improvement. After answering each question, you will be presented with the correct answer instantly and an accompanying explanation.

Additional Resources

For further reading, access to official Google study guides and other related references are also included. This allows you to have an in-depth understanding of each question’s core concepts.

With this training structure, you’re offered the opportunity to feel confident about learning the ropes of digital PPC marketing and mastering the entire range of Google Ads certification courses.

Comprehensive Final Mock Exam

To thoroughly test all that you’ve learned, final mock exams are made available to you for each course in the Google Certified Digital Marketer program. Final mock exams mimic the original Google Ads exams to a T. This gives you the chance to estimate how well you’d do at the official Google Ads exams:

Timed Exam

Original Google Ads exams are timed and range from 90 to 120 minutes. PPC University’s final mock exams are identical in terms of the time made available for the completion of each exam.

Identical Question Display

Google Ads exams display slides with questions one by one. The same is the case for PPC University’s final mock exams.

One-Shot Only

The original Google Ads exams make it impossible to skip questions or go back to previous questions. The same is the case for PPC University’s final mock exams.

Higher Exam Passing Grade

In the original Google Ads exams, you’ll have to get a grade of at least 80% to pass (that’s generally considered a B minus or B-). In the PPC University final mock exams, we recommend you get a score of 90% or higher (generally considered a B plus or B+) before setting out to take the official Google exam.

No Retake Restrictions

In case you don’t pass the Google Ads Certification exam you’d have to wait a minimum of 24 hours before you take the exam again.  You can immediately retake the final mock exam with PPC University.

Impressive Question Bank

Topic Quizzes and Questions

PPC University’s Google Certified Digital Marketer program features very detailed topic-level quizzes with over 1000 questions, featuring 4000+ multiple-choice answer selections.

Like the Real Thing

The multiple-choice questions and answer selections have been written to mimic the style, difficulty and format of the official Google exam as closely as possible.

Identical Structure

The structure of the question bank precisely matches Google’s Ads exam study guide, giving students access to Google-approved learning guides.


Google Ads Search Exam Preparation Course

Google Ads Display Exam Preparation Course

Google Ads Video Exam Preparation Course

Google Ads Shopping Exam Preperation Course

Google Ads Measure Exam Preparation Course

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