Qualified PPC University students can apply to become Marketing Trainees and apply newly acquired PPC Marketing skills while working with real clients and real budgets to achieve real results. What are you waiting for?

Digital Marketing Jobs For Google-Certified Marketing Trainees

PPC University Marketing Trainees get paid while learning PPC Marketing.


How Do You Become a 

PPC University Marketing Trainee?

To be eligible as a Marketing Trainee, you must first complete the Google Certified Digital Marketer (GCDM) online course and Google Ads prep exams. 

Complete The GCDM Course Program

Marketing Trainees must have achieved an average grade of 87% or higher in at least three (3) of the five (5) Google Certification exams to be eligible as a Marketing Trainee. 

Become Google Ads Certified

The minimum duration of the Marketing Trainee Program is 3 months. Students must be current in at least three (3) out of (5) Google certifications to appear to clients in the Marketing Trainee search engine. Students must also be in good standing with PPC University. 

No Fee. Be Current And In Good Standing 

When approached by businesses searching for a marketing trainee, PPC University requires students to have a Terms Of Service (TOS) agreement signed between both parties before commencing marketing trainee services. A sample of TOS is provided to the student as part of the GCDM course program. 

Selection Process And TOS

PPC University provides eligible businesses with access to PPC marketing trainees. As part of the training, marketing trainees discuss and receive their salary directly from their client. Clients are strongly encouraged to pay the trainee a minimum monthly service fee of $347/month. 

Marketing Trainee Remuneration

After the end of the 3-month minimum program duration, businesses are encouraged to hire the marketing trainee for a monthly PPC marketing service fee that client and marketing trainee agree upon 

End or Extend

**For reference, digital marketing agencies charge PPC campaign management fees between 10% and 15% of the monthly Google Ads budget.

Monthly minimum fees are typically no less than $500/month and up to $5,000/month or more (US and EU).


Why Become a Digital Marketing Trainee?

96.3% of PPC University marketing trainees pass Google exams at their first attempt. To be accepted in our Marketing Trainee Program, students must successfully complete three (3) out of five (5) Google Ads Certificates with an average grade of 90% or higher.

Google Certified

Marketing trainees receive training in the following areas: PPC campaign setup and management, performance reporting, conversion optimization, landing page optimization, and more.


PPC University marketing trainees have access to a peer community. Trainees also have direct access to Google’s in-house campaign management support team. This is to say that if questions arise or support is required, marketing trainees know where to get help.




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