Ocoya: Social Media Content Marketing

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What is it?

Ocoya is an AI-assisted social media marketing management tool that helps you create and schedule social media posts and analyze their effectiveness. Ocoya generates AI-powered content to go with your social media graphic design. It can generate content ideas and help you with the writing process for social media posts and ads on Facebook. Ocoya is able to generate short snippets of content such as titles and texts based on the design created by you, the digital marketer.


Ocoya comes with built-in access to free stock images as it integrates with GIPHY. Ocoya’s strength is the combination between images + text powered by AI + social media scheduler for direct upload to your social media accounts.


Ocoya features an AI content development tool named ‘Travis’, which is designed to help you generate more effective text for your social media marketing needs. Content can be tailored to each social media platform.


Ocoya lets you create, schedule, and analyze your social media posts from one place.

Are you tired of running out of good ideas for your social media marketing content? What about a tool that helps you write social media content, schedules your posts and provides you with analytics to see what works and what doesn’t on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and TikTok? Meet Ocoya!

Why do you need it?

If you already use other platforms for your marketing, Ocoya can help you maximize those efforts. With the best possible features, solutions and integrations for social media marketing, all in one place.

Tool Features Offered by PPC University

Images / GIF – Easily design eye-popping images surrounding your product or service. Use the in-house editor or Canva to personalize your graphics.

Videos – Generate short-form videos that will drive your engagement through the roof. Pick from thousands of royalty-free videos.

E-commerce – Ocoya’s ecommerce dedicated marketing platform removes the hassle of creating social content. Import your inventory and get a promotional campaign up and running in minutes.

Hashtags – Ocoya’s AI analyzes your image to generate the most relevant hashtags that are trending to gain you optimum traction.

Captions – Captions are also personalized to your image. Generate captions to most effectively sell your product or service.

Scheduling – Don’t want to post right now? Ocoya will suggest posting times optimal for maximizing your traction.

Analytics – Look at the advanced KPIs important for marketers formulated by Ocoya. The tool also provides you with suggestions to optimize your marketing funnel.

Social – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Buffer, Hootsuite – All your profiles are in one place.

Ad Campaigns – Launch campaigns (Instagram Ad, Google Ad, LinkedIn Ad, Facebook Ad and Tiktok Ad and more) seamlessly and plan your budget efficiently.

Link Shortener – Use Jubb.ly – the in-house link shortener to save space when posting links on your social channels.

Background Remover – Remove any background from any image with 1 click.

Marketing Funnel KPIs – Marketing funnel metrics have been proven to be a great tool to use when creating a successful marketing strategy. It allows you to analyze how successful different campaigns are in your funnel and see their progress. This enables you to maximize your investments into those that are working the best for you.

Ocoya has the following KPI’s: CPM, CPC, CTR, CTA, SSOV, ER, Impressions, Engagement, Growth, Reach, Applause, Amplification, Virality, Likes, Followers and Shares.

Travis AI – Ocoya uses artificial intelligence to power its content writing. There are over 20 languages and over 50 types of content building blocks that you can use to write a short-form copy.

How does the offer work?


PPC University offers Digital Marketing tools at a significantly discounted price, available exclusively to PPC University students. This is to support students in starting and scaling a career in digital marketing. In addition, if a course ends, students have the option to switch and enroll in any of PPC University’s monthly subscriptions to maintain active membership status and continue the discounted access to tools. 

To be eligible for purchase and to benefit from continued access to tools, you must maintain active membership through one of the following:


    1. You must have a current active membership in any paid course and are in good standing.

    2. You must have a current active membership in a paid monthly plan and good standing.


Please note: You must be current with your monthly payments in all of your PPC University products, or your access to tools may be revoked.

Available Seats

The number of seats (workplaces) available is limited. Therefore, first come, first served.

Limits and Authorized Use

You can use the powers of the tool to promote your own business online, or you can utilize it as a part of services to be offered to your clients.


The offer includes the following:

• 5 social profiles

• Unlimited scheduled posts

• Unlimited creatives

• Unlimited use of Travis AI™

• Advanced analytics (in progress)

• Branded reports (in progress)

• Your own workspace, accessible with your own email and password (in progress)


Activation and Support

Ocoya's license agreement with PPC University makes it necessary to have PPC University manage and administer the accounts offered to our students. PPC University will set up the account, and students are given access to design, edit, and publish their final designs without any further intervention by PPC University

PPC University does not provide technical support of any kind or form other than the initial set-up of your account. In cases of need for technical help, you must contact Ocoya directly.

 The license of use is non-transferable.


Monthly subscription plus a one-time, non-refundable tool set-up fee*.  

*The one-time, non-refundable tool set-up fee of $97 is collected with the first month of tool subscription. This set-up fee is also non-refundable in the case of a refund on any PPC University product, such as a course or a monthly membership program.

Legal Disclaimer

PPC University does not own the tools offered at a discounted price to students. Therefore, PPC University cannot guarantee the proper functioning, maintenance, updates, or availability of the tools provided at intensely discounted prices to students. Therefore, tools are provided “as is” without any guarantees whatsoever. 

Please consult our Terms of Service (TOS) section Tools for more information. PPC University terms, conditions, and service limits apply and are subject to change without prior notice. 

To learn more about Ocoya – visit their website at: ocoya.net.

Who is it for?

Ocoya is for the social media marketing pro planning to take their social media marketing to a new level. It’s the social media tool for a new generation of digital marketers.


When it comes to content marketing for social media, Ocoya is one of the most powerful tools you can use. Whether you use it as a standalone tool or in conjunction with your other digital marketing tools, Ocoya is going to open the door to some very serious results.

Partners and Integrations

All your favorite platforms in one place. Ocoya partnered with over 40 platforms across social media, design and ecommerce sectors, so you can create ads, posts and schedule them simultaneously (Social media integrations: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tiktok. Platform integrations: Shopyfy, WooCommerce, Canva, Buffer, Hootsuite, Unsplash, Pexels, Pixabay and Giphy).

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