Oviond: Marketing Reports

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What is it?

Oviond is a customizable digital reporting platform that combines and organizes all your marketing data into useful insights and automated reports. Oviond allows you to combine real-time marketing insights across several marketing channels and use integrations to customize your reporting requirements.


We all know marketing analytics isn’t for the faint of heart, but luckily, marketing reporting doesn’t have to be! Oviond definitely makes reporting easier for digital marketing freelancers and start-up digital agencies looking for cross-channel client reporting. Unlike other reporting methods, you don’t need to be a super whiz with complex analytics or IT skills. With Oviond, reporting is as easy as 1-2-3! It saves you a lot of time and it’s easy to use: reports are updated automatically and can be accessed by your clients with a customized reporting dashboard.

Oviond helps you raise your profile as a digital marketer with professional reports that are personalized for each of your clients. Whether you are specializing in PPC marketing, Content Marketing or Social Media Marketing, Oviond combines all your important Key Performance Indicators in one great looking and interactive dashboard, allowing your clients to see in a blink of an eye the results of your hard work.

Oviond is the only tool that gives you access to over 40 key performance indicators at the touch of a button.

Why do you need it?

As a digital marketer, you need a software solution that can help you create professional-looking reporting dashboards to display the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) your clients need to see that their campaigns are working.

Tool Features Offered by PPC University

• Integrations: All your marketing tools in one place

Avoid drowning in marketing data. Save time, increase efficiency and show your value by getting all of your client’s marketing data into one place. Oviond instantly connects to over 40 of your favorite marketing tools, allowing you to easily monitor and report on your digital marketing efforts.


• Blended Data Widgets: Create widgets that include metrics from multiple integrations to get the true value of your client’s performance in one widget.

 • Dashboards: Save time by monitoring all your marketing KPI’s on one page

Quickly assemble your digital marketing data and visualize the results. Monitor and track key digital marketing activities across marketing channels and campaigns. Start with one of over 120+ digital marketing dashboard templates or go it alone and start from a blank canvas. Drill down into the key metrics and find out what’s working and what’s not. Oviond is the powerhouse of cross-channel digital marketing reporting, unifying PPC, Social, Email, SEO and more into one report has never been so easy.

 • Automation & Data Auto Refresh: Set data auto refresh on Dashboards and facilitate your report distribution by automatically sending reports to your clients via email.

 • Reporting: Instantly demonstrate the value of your marketing efforts

Keep clients and stakeholders in the loop. Build digital marketing reports in minutes by starting with 1 of 120+ digital marketing reporting templates. Save time by automating your reports to run every day, week or month.

 • Template Library: Oviond has 120+ ready-made templates offering a range of common KPI’s and metrics. You can also create your own custom templates.

 • Drag & Drop Builder: Easily move widgets, text boxes and media on your Dashboards, Reports & Reporting. Sorting of data has never been so effortless.

 • Multiple Client Management: The tool offer seamless client management, by managing multiple websites and marketing channels in one place on separate client projects.

 • Share by Link, Email or PDF: Share Dashboards, Reports & Reporting with clients by using a shareable link, creating a PDF or emailing directly from your account.

Partners and Integrations

Oviond slots seamlessly into your marketing stack. The platform instantly connects to over 40 of your favorite marketing tools allowing you to easily monitor and report on your digital marketing efforts. The platform integration categories range from Email Marketing, Social Media, Search Marketing, Website Analytics, Video Marketing, Digital PR and other applications. 

For a complete list of integrations visit: https://www.oviond.com/integrations.

How does the offer work?


PPC University offers Digital Marketing tools at a significantly discounted price, available exclusively to PPC University students. This is to support students in starting and scaling a career in digital marketing. In addition, if a course ends, students have the option to switch and enroll in any of PPC University’s monthly subscriptions to maintain active membership status and continue the discounted access to tools. 

To be eligible for purchase and to benefit from continued access to tools, you must maintain active membership through one of the following: 

    1. You must have a current active membership in any paid course and are in good standing.

    2. You must have a current active membership in a paid monthly plan and good standing.

 Please note: You must be current with your monthly payments in all of your PPC University products, or your access to tools may be revoked.

Available Seats

The number of seats (workplaces) available is limited. Therefore, first come, first served.

Limits and Authorized Use

You can use the powers of the tool for your own brand’s campaigns, or you can utilize it as a part of the marketing services to be offered to your clients.


  • Up to 25 clients per seat: Make most out of this offer by utilizing the tool to service up to 25 clients. 
  • 50 Dashboards (2 dashboards per client): Dashboards offer a high-level view of performance across digital marketing channels & campaigns. Dashboards are ideal for monitoring and reporting on digital marketing activity. Auto refresh is available under the Dashboard Settings which allows you to select how often you would like your Dashboard data to be refreshed. 
  • 50 Reports (2 reports per client): A Report is a comprehensive breakdown of the performance of your digital marketing campaigns. It is setup in the form of a portrait A4 document and is split into sections. With our report automation feature you will be able to schedule the sending of your clients reports to one email or multiple emails in one go. Sharing a report on Oviond is easy. You can either email your report, automate it, generate a PDF or copy the shared link and send it via email. 
  • Automations: Automations allow you to schedule Reports to be sent out to your clients daily, weekly or monthly. Automated Reports are saved in your client’s project.

Activation and Support

Oviond’s license agreement with PPC University makes it necessary to have PPC University manage and administer the accounts offered to our students. PPC University will set up the account, and students are given access to design, edit, and publish their final designs without any further intervention by PPC University

PPC University does not provide technical support of any kind or form other than the initial set-up of your account. In cases of need for technical help, you must contact Oviond directly.

 The license of use is non-transferable.


Monthly subscription plus a one-time, non-refundable tool set-up fee*.  

*The one-time, non-refundable tool set-up fee of $97 is collected with the first month of tool subscription. This set-up fee is also non-refundable in the case of a refund on any PPC University product, such as a course or a monthly membership program.

Legal Disclaimer

PPC University does not own the tools offered at a discounted price to students. Therefore, PPC University cannot guarantee the proper functioning, maintenance, updates, or availability of the tools provided at intensely discounted prices to students. Therefore, tools are provided “as is” without any guarantees whatsoever. 

Please consult our Terms of Service (TOS) section Tools for more information. PPC University terms, conditions, and service limits apply and are subject to change without prior notice. 

To learn more about Oviond – visit their website at: oviond.com.

Who is it for?

Digital Marketers need robust client reporting tools to establish their image as professional digital marketers by tracking, analyzing, and enhancing the ROI of their client’s marketing campaigns. Oviond saves time and is perfect for digital marketing freelancers and agencies that live and breathe marketing data. It lets you show the value of your marketing efforts to your clients by presenting all the data in one place. This also makes it possible to scale up while still staying efficient.

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