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What is it?

Sociamonials is a social media marketing and viral social contests powerhouse. Its social sweepstakes engine is unique in the market and – when combined with a subscription form – you can put your email list building on steroids. What’s more, it also provides advanced social analytics for businesses seeking to build and sustain a large social community and automate hundreds of mundane IT tasks that would otherwise require hours of attention daily. Sociamonials is assisted by artificial intelligence (AI) and helps you add value to your clients and your agency by not only managing social media but also cracking open the referrals and the engagement that you may or may not be currently getting through social media. 


Sociamonials allows you to launch and manage your campaigns. It includes a social CRM allowing you to see who’s engaging with your brand. Sociamonials features navigation elements allowing you to switch between different clients. This tool is single sign-on and white-labeled. This means that you can add your logo, fonts, and brand colors throughout the entire platform. And the cherry on the cake? You can use your own custom domain to showcase your agency level to clients!

Wouldn't it be great to have an all-in-one social media marketing tool? Meet Sociamonials! With the help of Sociamonials, your social media marketing efforts will be more efficient, and your viral exposure will increase dramatically. It's the ultimate social media marketing tool that helps you manage your social media campaigns. It makes your social media marketing more effective by giving you access to advanced, pro-level features. It's the easiest, yet most powerful way to leverage the power of social media.

Why do you need it?

If you already use other platforms for your marketing, Sociamonials can help you maximize those efforts. With the best possible features, solutions, and integrations for social media marketing, all in one place.

Tool Features Offered by PPC University

Also, this course offers a dynamic and detailed feedback system which allows you to track which areas need more improvement. After answering each question, you will be presented with the correct answer instantly and an accompanying explanation.

  • Advanced Analytics – Run unlimited reports with no added cost. Full reporting is provided for published messages, campaigns, share buttons, videos, and an organizational overview. Export any report for editing in MS Excel or output as a PDF for sharing.
  • RSS Feed automated posting – Sociamonials will automatically publish new blog posts and even YouTube videos for you using our RSS feed integration! So you’ll never have to waste time hunting for content ads again.
  • Calendar – Complete interactive marketing calendar showing scheduled and sent posts. Quickly drag sent posts to a future date to repost automatically. Sociamonials industry-exclusive Tactical Overlay feature identifies the optimal calendar times/days for each post type. Campaign milestones are also added automatically. Add reminders, like blog posts, emails, and other marketing tasks, and that time to keep you on track.
  • Automatic reposting queues – Tag your evergreen content for automatic reposting based on a schedule you create. Content is tagged by category, and our smart scheduler makes sure you don’t send too many promotions and not enough thought leadership content, for example.
  • Category queues – Set up a smart schedule and never worry about posting again. We will help you create a weekly schedule based on when each post is likely to perform the best. Then you tag your posts with what kind of post it is, and we’ll make sure it goes out at the optimal time.
  • Bulk upload up to 500 posts – Use Sociamonials. CSV file template to bulk upload months of social media posts to your queue at one time.
  • E-commerce tracking – Sociamonials provides you with a pixel to place on the checkout page of your e-commerce store. You will then see how much revenue each of your social posts generates. Sociamonials will also allow you to select optimal posting times based on when your offers will generate the most revenue. You will also report on the total revenue generated from each social network and other categories. 
  • Lead tracking – Sociamonials provide you with a pixel to place on the ‘thank you’ page of your lead capture forms. You will then see how many sales leads each of your social posts generates. It will also allow you to select optimal posting times based on when your lead generation posts will generate the most signups. You will also report on total leads generated from each social network and other categories.
  • Custom website tracking – In addition to the standard e-commerce and lead gen tracking pixels we provide, you can generate pixels for other actions, pages, and sites. You will then be able to report on those metrics within Sociamonials reporting.
  • Asset library – Every image you upload or share will be stored in your Asset Library for future reuse. This allows you to provide brand-approved graphics and photos to all contributors for teams. 
  • One million+ stock photos – No more paying (and searching) for the perfect professional image or graphic for your social post or campaign. Sociamonials pre-loads your Asset Library with over a million royalty-free professional photos and graphics. Just enter a keyword and choose your favorite.
  • Unlimited posts archived – Sociamonials automatically archive all social posts. You may search by keyword to find all previous posts around a topic, then open a copy of it to edit and send again. 
  • Link shortening – Automatically shortens and tracks up to 5 links per social post. Each shortened link passes detailed post information to your analytics provider. 
  • Change shared links even after posting – Accidentally shared the wrong link? Edit the link in Sociamonials, and it will be fixed, even if it has been retweeted.
  • Customize posts per network – Write a single post, then edit each network. That way, your tweet has hashtags, and each Ch network has an appropriate call-to-action.
  • Optimize send times per network – Sociamonials has the most advanced send time optimizer on the planet. You can optimize based on when you are most likely to earn a click, lead, sale, or any of your custom website actions. And all this is done on a per-network. Basis, so your post has the best chance of meeting your business goals.
  • Direct video uploads, including to YouTube – Your videos will auto-play in the news feeds thanks to our direct upload feature. You can even pc upload to your YouTube channel and post to all social networks in one step! Upload existing video files or record one on the fly with our proprietary recorder. 
  • Social CRM – As visitors engage with your share buttons and social campaigns, you add to your marketing database. View detailed social engagement and referral stats plus an activity feed with social, campaign, and website actions. New contacts are automatically added to Salesforce and other CRM and email platforms.
  • Share buttons – Create unlimited awesome social share buttons for your pages and content. Identify your influencers and export a list.
  • Android & iOs mobile app – Download our free mobile app or use the mobile responsive software in your phone’s browser. Either way, use Sociamonials anywhere, anytime.
  • Up to 100,000 campaign entries per month – 100,000 landing pages, sweepstakes, or contest form submissions per month. Resets monthly!
  • White Label Campaign Emails (SMTP) – When campaign entries come in, all notification emails will come from your domain, not theirs. (requires you to set up a custom domain). 
  • Custom Campaign Domain (Cname) – Use your company domain name or subdomain for all of your Sociamonials campaigns. Sociamonials provides a secure SSL certificate automatically, or you can use your own. 
  • Custom link shortener domain (Cname) – By default, they shorten all published links using the domain Use this premium feature to replace the default domain with your own domain.
  • White label social media apps – Create your own Twitter and LinkedIn apps IDs and link them with your campaigns instead of using the Sociamonials app ID.
  • Profanity filter – Social posts will be held if they contain profane words. Sociamonials provides a list, but you can add/remove it anytime. 
  • Funnel Series – Keep your visitors engaged by following up on one campaign entry and offering to enter another!
  • Premium Campaign Design Templates – Sociamonials has reserved their most professional template designs for Enterprise users such as you.

Partners and Integrations

All your favorite platforms in one place. Sociamonials partnered with over 40 platforms across social media, design, and eCommerce sectors, so you can create ads, posts and schedule them simultaneously (Social media integrations: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tiktok. Platform integrations: Shopify, WooCommerce, Canva, Buffer, Hootsuite, Unsplash, Pexels, Pixabay, and Giphy).

How does the offer work?


PPC University offers Digital Marketing tools at a significantly discounted price, available exclusively to PPC University students. This is to support students in starting and scaling a career in digital marketing. In addition, if a course ends, students have the option to switch and enroll in any of PPC University’s monthly subscriptions to maintain active membership status and continue the discounted access to tools.

To be eligible for purchase and to benefit from continued access to tools, you must maintain active membership through one of the following: 

    1. You must have a current active membership in any paid course and are in good standing.

    2. You must have a current active membership in a paid monthly plan and good standing.

 Please note: You must be current with your monthly payments in all of your PPC University products, or your access to tools may be revoked.

Available Seats

The number of seats (workplaces) available is limited. Therefore, first come, first served.

Limits and Authorized Use

You can use the tool to promote your own business online or utilize it as a part of services to be offered to your own clients.


 The offer includes the following:

    1. 100k Campaign Entries/mo for each Workspace

    2. 60 Social Profiles per Workspace

    3. 30 Users per Workspace

    4. 100 RSS per Workspace

    5. Custom Campaign Domain

    6. Custom Link Shortener Domain (soon!)

    7. Campaign Email from Your Domain

Activation and Support

Sociamonial’s license agreement with PPC University makes it necessary to have PPC University manage and administer the accounts offered to our students. PPC University will set up the account, and students are given access to design, edit, and publish their final designs without any further intervention by PPC University

PPC University does not provide technical support of any kind or form other than the initial set-up of your account. In cases of need for technical help, you must contact Sociamonials directly. 

The license of use is non-transferable.


Monthly subscription plus a one-time, non-refundable tool set-up fee*.  

*The one-time, non-refundable tool set-up fee of $97 is collected with the first month of tool subscription. This set-up fee is also non-refundable in the case of a refund on any PPC University product, such as a course or a monthly membership program.

Legal Disclaimer

PPC University does not own the tools offered at a discounted price to students. Therefore, PPC University cannot guarantee the proper functioning, maintenance, updates, or availability of the tools provided at intensely discounted prices to students. Therefore, tools are provided “as is” without any guarantees whatsoever. 

Please consult our Terms of Service (TOS) section Tools for more information. PPC University terms, conditions, and service limits apply and are subject to change without prior notice. 

To learn more about Sociamonials – visit their website at:

Who is it for?

Sociamonials is the all-in-one solution for social media marketers, providing access to all of the top-level social media marketing features for your own business  – or offering agency-level social media management services to your digital marketing clients.


Sociamonials is different from the rest because of its native Social CRM. It has lots of important features, such as incentivized sharing, viral sweepstakes, and contests, that are mostly absent in more traditional solutions, such as HootSuite. These features are important for both email list building and lead generation. And that’s why Sociamonials has a lot to offer for your business growth.

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